Monstrous Fairy Tales 2
12 stories

Monstrous Fairy Tales 2

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US (Inglés)
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Monsters from different worlds might surprise each other at their first encounter... but what will happen when they get to know each other? Mix and match ogres, vampires, ghosts, dragons, sea monsters, and sea witches to create new monstrous fairy tales.

Choose a forest monster, like Otis the Ogre, or an ocean monster, like Oceana the Sea Witch… then choose a monster from a different world for them to meet, and see what happens! Is an ogre baby safe around a dragon? Can a sea monster teach a ghost to swim? Can vampires and ghosts be friends? And how will all these monsters get along with the pirates, mermaids, princesses, and other inhabitants of their world?
Extracto n°1
Monica Clark-Robinson
Rosalinde Milan
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